It is my passion to create better learning environments within sports and education for future generations.

For inspiration watch the Ted Talk from Ruben Jongkind: Football can change the world, but we need to change football first


I am experienced as a coordinator, specialist or team coach, individual mentor, consultant, and professional football player. I get excited about helping adults and children to further develop themselves.


With Montessori Sports, we support schools to integrate more physical activities into their curriculum. We run courses, workshops, sports sessions, and holiday programs. We work with educational bodies around the world.


Thanks to my experiences in professional football, setting up Montessori Sports in Australia, internships at AFC Ajax and NOC*NSF, and a MSc Business Administration, I have gained useful insights.


Education: Montessori Sports

On my quest to learn more about the learning environments of children and to challenge myself, I moved to Melbourne at the beginning of 2018. In that year I started Montessori Sports in Australia. Our mission is to integrate more physical movement into Montessori environments. I do this together with the founders Ruben Jongkind and Patrick Oudejans. Now we work with schools across Australia and educational partners around the world as we continue to grow. Together with our partners Association Montessori Internationale and Nienhuis Montessori, we develop integrated curricula and materials, run (online) courses and workshops, and provide sports programs for children. 

What started with only two after school classes at Melbourne Montessori School in April 2018, resulted in three successful courses with a total of 31 participating teachers from all over Australia. These courses were hosted in Melbourne and Sydney in 2018/2019 and the participants gave the course an overall grading of 9.1/10. Unfortunately, we were unable to organize more onsite courses in 2020 due to the pandemic. This course has as purpose to integrate more physical activities into Montessori schools.

Why Montessori and sports?

The lack of movement is one of the biggest threats to health in modern societies. Physical activity is imperative to overcome this threat. Montessori is an interest-based educational philosophy. With more than 6 billion people interested in sports, it is universal in its appeal to children. Montessori Sports sparks this interest to enhance the overall development of children.

Sports offers a prepared environment to enhance the physical, emotional, and spiritual development of children, provided that it is designed and maintained using Montessori principles. 

With Montessori Sports we bring more movement into school curricula through:


Curriculum content


Structurising curriculum












Holiday progams


Sports sessions

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Sports: Football Volendam

A lot has changed at FC Volendam since the arrival of Team Jonk in 2019. We aim to attract more people to the stadium through attractive and attacking football while building a solid foundation for the future. In this regard, particular attention is paid to the youth academy.

Click here for more information about the Football Volendam project

Jip Bartels about more independence for youth players as part of the Football Volendam plan


Specialist coach & Mentor

  • Master brain, body & ball
  • Differential learning
  • Individual approach
  • Relative age effect
  • Independence
  • Intrinsic motivation
  • Creativity
  • Positioning
  • Lifestyle
  • Personal plan
  • Parents as partners 

Volunteering experience:

On My Feet

The ‘On My Feet Footsteps Program’ in Australia is a six months course that aims to transition chosen participants who are experiencing homelessness from shelter to self-sufficiency. Whilst participants are involved in this training program, they simultaneously follow workshops to increase their chances on the job market.

Together with Shyam Bhuller, our task was to set up a weekly training program. This includes physical and mental activities, finding a venue, and providing materials for the participants to increase their physical and mental health. The ‘end goal’ was to prepare them for the final stage of this project: The Melbourne Marathon Festival in October, 2020. Unfortunately, COVID-19 hold us back during the year with meant we had to be creative with our solutions. Aligned with restriction guidelines, we organized walking groups towards the end of the year.  

As I’m always looking for volunteering work so get in touch with me if you have any ideas!



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When you talk with Jip, you can feel the passion he has for children. He talks about the children that he works with an eye for individual development and a lot of love.

rik verhage – afc ajax youth coach

Jip is a winner! Although he would say that winning is not the most important. Jip knows how to transfer his passion and drive to become better at everything that he does to children and organizations. He is the personification of resilience and motivation. Despite the physical distance between us over the last years, we have gotten to know each other, and I am looking forward to our upcoming conversations about coaching and educating.

Chris hageraats – founder ubuntu sport

Jip has proven to be skilful beyond his years: from the expertise of being a football player in his youth to present (a natural sportsman and honed from training) his knowledge and experience from his education, and now through his evolving career in education and coaching. He has an insightful approach when he works with children and the youth, even training adults and his colleagues, as he succeeds in professionally sharing his passion for sports and education just by simply being genuine in doing what he loves to do.

Margret Ranada Palma – Montessori 3 to 6 guide & montessori sports course participant

"Jip's regular 1-to-1 coaching compliments the coaching our son receives from his club and school. The individual focus he provides is hugely beneficial, working on mastering control of the ball (e.g. first touch, transition of the ball under pressure), as well as understanding how to be in control of every situation on the field of play. Using his own experience in youth football at the very highest level, Jip is also an excellent teacher of the mental skills, attitude and self-motivation required for a young footballer with professional aspirations."

Dad of 14 year old Melbourne Victory Player

“Jip has been coaching my 4 children privately for the past 2 years – a combination of private, or 4 in a group, or 2 and 2: Jip is very flexible and adaptable. His training sessions are always carefully tailored to each child, hitting just the right balance between challenging them to do better, matching their skill level, and (always) having fun. Regardless of your skill level, Jip is the coach for you. His method is firm, fair and very insightful, and focusses on the ‘whole’ child, not just their football skills. My kids love Jip, and we consider him part of the family.”

football mum of 4

“Jip has taught me a lot of extra football skills and reminds me to work with my left foot at all times, and to ‘give the ball some love’ when you are passing it. Jip is lots of fun, but also very skillful, and helps me with my attitude and my teamwork.”

10-year-old girl

"I recommend training with Jip because he's really encouraging and makes you think a lot about not only the physical things but the mental things as well. The sessions are also really fun”

12-year-old girl

"Jip has worked with our children for around 12 months now; during this time, we have seen demonstrated improvement and confidence with Jip's added training schedule. We have been very impressed with Jip's communication style and rapport that he has with our children. We also have high confidence in his football ability and football brain given his professional background as a youth player for Ajax and Netherlands. I would highly recommend Jip - no question."

football dad of 3